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Portfolio of new organs

St Edmund’s, Mansfield Woodhouse (2008)
2 manuals  20 stops

St Edmund’s, Mansfield Woodhouse

St Edmund’s was fortunate to be home to an 11-stop mechanical Henry Willis Ⅱ instrument, installed in the late 1980s from a church near Kendal in Cumbria. We were called in as the organ was giving problems. Issues arose from heat-related faults but the main problem was the severe infestation of woodworm which was making the organ unsafe.

There was a need for a rethink. The pipes were all excellent but the woodworm-infested timbers had to go. The church was considering an electronic organ, as the Willis was bulky and blocked out light from the large window. We were able to devise a scheme, using our modular design, to overcome all the problems and create a reliable, compact instrument with greater versatility.

Read Paul Hale’s in-depth article (pdf) about the St Edmund’s organ in Organists’ Review, May 2009


Open Diapason (A)8
Hohl Flute (B)8
Lieblich Gedackt (C)8
Open Flute (B)4
Mixture 19.22
Cornopean (D)8

Swell to Great
Swell suboctave to Great


Lieblich Gedackt (C)8
Echo Gamba (grooved)8
Voix Celeste8
Gemshorn (E)4
Nazard (C)2⅔
Fifteenth (E)2
Piccolo (C)2
Cornopean (D)8

Swell Octave
Tremulant (to whole organ)


Bourdon (B)16
Principal (A)8
Bass Flute (B)8
Fifteenth (A)4

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Gt & Pedal Combs


6 thumb pistons to Great
6 thumb pistons to Swell
6 thumb pistons to Pedal
6 general pistons
reversible thumb piston Sw-Gt
reversible thumb piston Gt-Ped
reversible toe piston Sw-Gt
reversible toe piston Gt-Ped
general cancel piston
setter piston
Melodic Pedal (piston)
Midi in/out/through
Recording facility
standard capture system for divisional and general pistons with 12 memory levels

Other new organs

Barcheston, St Martin’s (2019)
installation of a new 2-manual 12-rank organ
Newnham, St Mark’s (2015)
reconfiguration and enlargement of the 2-manual organ
Calverton, St Wilfrid’s (2012)
a five-rank two-manual and pedal direct electric modular organ
Balderton, St Giles (2010)
two-manual and pedal, 17-rank direct electric modular organ, sited on a mezzanine floor, with new low level terraced console
Selston, St Helen’s (2010)
Halam, St Michael’s (2009)
new 7-rank extension organ, utilising some old pipework
Mansfield Woodhouse, St Edmund’s (2008)
rebuild and repositioning of two-manual and pedal Willis organ, with mobile detached console, using the original case
Wingerworth, All Saints (2006)
Linby, St Michael’s (2005)
new instrument, using much previous pipework, in new divided case
Risley, All Saints (2005)
Smalley, St John’s (2004)
Melbourne, United Reformed Church (2002)
Darley Abbey, St Matthew’s (2000)
Whitwell, St Lawrence’s (2000)
Epperstone, Holy Cross (1999)
Calow, St Peter’s (1998)
Smalley, Baptist Church (1997)
Cleethorpes, Corpus Christi (1996)
Criccieth, New Jerusalem Chapel (1996)
Marlpool, Church of the Sacred Heart (1994)
church closed in 2004